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Terri Lee Ready for Recess


School is back in session and so is Terri Lee! Grab your books and backpacks and get ready for some school year fun!

This special back to school outfit is an icon of vintage style today. Terri Lee Ready for Recess ensemble includes:

  • Blue and white gingham-patterned checkered skirt, decked out with a crisp, clean white styled blouse and finished with an open front blue toasty knit cardigan. Don’t forget the adorable matching knit hat with ribbon accent.
  • As a wardrobe staple, the 50’s style saddle shoes with white frilly anklet bobby socks. Nice kicks Terri Lee!

All set for recess!


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Product Description:

Rotocast Doll 15”, Vinyl, with Rooted hair, painted Face, includes Hairbrush

Packaging Description:

Individual Doll placed into Window Box. 16.50” (height) x 11” (width) x 4.5” (length)

Miscellaneous Information:

Country of Origin China. No batteries.

Additional information

Dimensions 16.50 × 11 × 4.5 cm